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in san francisco where a shootout near alamo square leaves two people injured. we'll tell you what police are saying about it. >>> a bay bay boy -- a baby boy is lucky to be alive after shots rang out in a richmond neighborhood. the reward to help find a suspect. >>> new threat from north korea. the reason the leader has put all of his forces on stand by. >>> we will show you how catholics from around the world are observing good friday. that's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, march 29th i'm pam cook. steve paulson is here with a look at the forecast. >> we kind of match clothes wise. >> yes, we do. >> fog is on the coast. it's going to be very warm inland in advance of this system which is now just approaching. it will mean big changes for the weekend. today if you're away from the coast. mid 70s. a lot of fog coast and bay. >>> there is a lot of fog. if you're driving across the bay bridge chp wants you to know it's very foggy there so use caution. that traffic looks pretty good with no major problems. also
marriage. >>> giants world series win helped san francisco reach a record for tourism spending. san francisco travel association says more than 16 million visitors came to the city in 2012. they spent a record $8.9 billion. >> it's a destination place. people really want to come to san francisco and stay. they actually come earlier. they stay the weekend before and after. >> the america's cup and the bay bridge lights are expected to boost tourism again this year. this magazine also listed san francisco as a top destination. >>> another top destination yosemite it's welcoming visitors with new tents. three people died, ten park visitors became seriously ill after staying in curry village's 91 tent cabins. the virus is contracted by human contact with the fee sees. a park spokesman says the old cabins had double insulation walls which the mice were crawling through. >> we did a lot of work on the tent cabins in the park. >> since last summer's outbreak the cabins have been destroyed and rebuilt. 50 of the 90 cabin's will be ready for archers begi
of the car in san francisco and that's when police shot one of the men several times. killing him. it is unclear if that was the passenger or the driver. police are not saying at this point whether the man who was shot had a weapon. >> can you tell me if the person who was killed was armed? >> i can't say exactly if that person was armed or not. just too early in the investigation. >> too early in the investigation to say exactly what happened. >> now, the second man who was inside that car was taken into custody by police. no officers were shot during all of this. but at least one officer did sustain some minor injuries. in fact the car that the two men were inside actually rolled into a police car. and hit that police car. now, as we bring you back out live to the picture, san francisco homicide investigators are out here still gathering evidence. they will be working with the district attorney's office to piece together this deadly police shooting. we also did this morning put in a call to daily city police for a comment on what took place here since their department was involv
. it started at a home on mckinnon and then traveled around the corner to 3rd street here in san francisco's bay view district just before 1:00 this morning. it caused severe fire damage to three buildings. water damage to two homes. those are flooded. then one building suffered damage on the outside of it. all of these buildings are homes except for one. there is one business here. it's called the new club long island. all of the people escaped their homes safely but they say it was scary. >> went to bed and heard an explosion. we thought it was like shooting or something. we didn't pay attention to anything. and then woke up my wife and went and picked a window and i seen particles coming from the sky so i went to the other window and i saw the fire. i woke her up and got some clothes and got out as quick as we could. >> reporter: he says he is still looking for signs of his cat. but everyone got out okay. everyone was out by the time firefighters got here. two firefighters were hurt. one fell off his ladder. suffered bumps and bruises. another suffered from minor smoke inhalation and is
>> good morning, foggy along the coast with visibility near zero and over san francisco we have a good deck of low clouds and fog and in the north bay great our valley, napa, santa rosa and some of it moving across the bay so be careful, down to 44 in napa and 50 in livermore. we have clear conditions but we should look for fog along the east bay as well, along hayward and oakland. you can see the visibility is down to nothing at half moon bay and six miles at the san carlos airport. headed out this morning, look if clouds and dense fog in the valleys and along the coast and mid-60's to the upper 70's around the bay. a big warm-up today and the fog comes back tonight and we have a rainy weekend. >> good morning, everyone, we will check on our commute. >> good morning, everyone, happy friday, right now we have a live look outside at the tolls on the bay bridge. it looks like the follow is blanketing the area and traffic is moving through pretty well over there. the golden gate bridge shows fog cleared. now as we head over to menlo park we have an accident involving a couple of ca
-1-1 if a suspicious person is knocking on their door. >> san francisco district attorney's office is definitive charging a man suspected of killing a 77-year-old newspaper vendor. he was selling the chronicle from a booth outside a montgomery street bart station on january 28 when a man lifted him up and dropped him on the sidewalk. he died three weeks later. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that police booked 936-year-old marc anthony castille on suspicion of murder and the d.a. said they did not have enough evidence to charge him. investigators now say they have the evidence to go forward. he is set to be arraigned this week. >> only on abc7 news, the family of a murdered marine speaks exclusively with us about the young woman with the bright future who decided to serve her country. kira klapper has more on that. >> the family of the woman says it is still hard to believe she is gone. in the last year since she became a main, the 19-year-old had become a point of pride for the entire family. you can see outside their oakley only, a small sticker on her dad's struck describes how they fee
people were injured over night in a shooting in san francisco's western edition neighborhood. it happened around 12:30 this morning on fell and pierce streets just a block from alamo square. it appears the occupants of one car fired on another vehicle. both have nonlife threatening injuries >>> drug sniffing dogs will be patrolling middle and high schools. they have dogs that can sniff out illegal and prescription drugs as well as alcohol on campus. budget cuts forced schools to stop using the dogs in 2007 but the dublin school board voted to bring them back last year. >>> san jose police are looking for two men that are suspected of robbing people leaving a light rail station. janine de la vega is at station with a look at the video police are hoping will lead them to the suspects. >> reporter: the second incident in the last couple of months where victims have been followed off of a light rail station and robbed in neighborhood. the first one happened on ray street but the latest involved a light rail station and happened in the evening
. this afternoon in san francisco there will be a mass of thanksgiving at st. mary's cathedral at 12:10. the archbishop is encouraging other parishes to do the same. >> surfers and fishermen will breakdown a fence that breaks access to a half moon bay that is blocked off to keep the public out. abc7 news reporter, cornell bernard, is there with that story. is it legal to block the path? >> that is the question. the fight is on. surfers on one side, property owners on the other. a lost surfers around here will tell you the waves at martin's beach, not too far from here are a perfect surf spot but it is foggy this morning. accessing the beach has been tough since it was sold to a private owner who does not want surfers around. now a fight is on to re-open access to more tin -- to martin's beep. a lawsuit has been filed against the property owner who put up a gate and hired security guards. scores of surfers and fishermen will bust through the gate and take back their beach access. >> this would be no different than someone buying the houses around golden gate park and putting up a fenc
are live in san francisco where a car plows into a house in the hunters point neighborhood. we will tell you what the victims here are saying about this experience. >>> we're live in san jose where police need your help in solving a robbery. we'll show you the video of men who were targeting people on a light rail. >>> and the fog is the story this morning. find out which bay area bridge has the thickest fog. >>> and threats of settling accounts with the u.s.. the new warning from north korea this morning. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday, good friday march 29th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get a quick check on the weather and traffic. steve it's a little humid today? >> it definitely was yesterday afternoon. >> yeah no doubt. fog is with us coast and bay. some areas inland are clear, clear. inland temperatures will warm up. tomorrow everything starts to fall apart but today watch out for that fog. here is sal. >>> steve, the san mateo bridge looks good. the fog hasn't reached it yet. you and i have been doing this long
news from san francisco we reported an hour ago. a car plows into a home in the city's bay view district. you will hear from a person that lives at that home. >>> also a man hunt in the south bay. you will see the video that police hope will lead to arrests. >>> a lot of fog out there. we'll talk about that and also what looks to to be a very warm day inland. >>> we are live in richmond where police say their highest priority is catching a gunman who's bullet hit a one-year- old. we'll have the latest on the investigation and the child east condition. >>> developing news from san francisco we first reported one hour ago. what led to this frightening scene in the city's bay view district. >>> we are live in san jose where police are looking for two robbers who targeted people riding light rail. we'll show you surveillance video of the suspects. >>> and the fog might make it tough for you to see on some commutes. the morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning. good friday. march 29th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flo
are searching for the driver who plowed into a home in san francisco's bayview district, then took off. it happened around 4:00 it morning. tara moriarty is joinging us with reaction from the home in the woman who thought there had been an earthquake. >> reporter: good morning. they thought it was an earthquake. the mother said the daughter rushed into her bedroom and said i think it's the big one and then they looked outside and saw the car smashed into their house where the blue tarp is. witnesses say the driver slammed into the house and then the suspect ran away. there appears to be about $10,000 worth of damage to the house and many items inside the garage were ruined, including a dryer. witnesses could not tell if the person was a man or a woman. they appeared to be latino or pacific islander. the impact of the crash was enough to wake up everyone inside the home. luckily, no one was hurt. >> came outside, nobody was hurt. all of the stones and rock and stuff is on the ground. very surprising. you don't really see too many disasters like this. >> reporter: police are running the
to the 280 commute, the extension. it looks good. san francisco bound from the east bay, metering lights are not on. they should go on soon. the backup is beyond the ramps, no major problems getting into san francisco. the fog is not as dense as yesterday, which is better news for drivers. the traffic in san jose and south bay looks good. we're already getting a little bit of slow traffic on northbound 101. i want to move this up. 237 and 680, a crash not causing a major delay. most of the traffic is going the other way. that's pretty good news for the commute. 6:08. let's go to mark. >>> the fog, a few patches, but much better compared to yesterday. we're also adding a few high clouds to the mix as well from the pacific, but right now the fog advisories in place for the bay itself, the boaters, until 2:00 for a drop-off in visibility with the fog shooting through the bay. current temperatures in the 40s and 50s, downtown san francisco 48 degrees. san jose 52. concord reporting partly cloudy skies and current temperature of 50 degrees. today a lit
. near 680 a crash on the shoulder, you may see mark vehicles. looking at san francisco traffic, northbound 101 looks good. >>> parents of high school students in pleasanton plan to keep kids home because of a note found. i understand this isn't the only threat at local schools. >> reporter: that's right. we were able to see the girls cheerleading squad that left for nationals this morning in los angeles. we talked to some of the parents and students of the lacrosse team here that left for a meet in boise, idaho, this morning. people are split over what happened with the threatening note situation. some are shrugging it off saying it's no big deal. others are saying that education shouldn't stop because of a situation like this. we watched the girls board buses around 5:00 this morning, and school is open today but there's no lockdown, district officials beefed up patrols. we noticed a squad car on the other side of the school, this after the discovery of a threatening note found in a girls bathroom tuesday. we have blurred out the profanity but it read, i hate everyone at this
an antigay rant in san francisco. this is shock sitting outside moe's alley in santa cruz. she is dressed in white with tape across her white that says silenced by fear. during a show in san francisco last month she spoke out against same sex marriage. about two-thirds of the audience walked out. since then most of the clubs on her tour including moe's alley have canceled. >>> investigators in washington state are trying to figure out what caused that massive landslide that forced dozens of people out of their homes. it happened on wouldbe island near seattle on wednesday. one home has been destroyed. several others damaged. the county is now tagging other homes that are said to be dangerous and investigators have given the all clear to some of the people to return back home. >>> time now is 6:07. we are looking at traffic in the east bay. the fog seems to be closer to the bay and the coast. some of the east bay but not here in lafayette. it's nice and clear between walnut creek and oakland. you can see traffic that moves well to the tunnel. when you g
some shutout. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. >>> san francisco police are also investigating an overnight shooting that happened a block from alamo park and injured two people. it happened at 12:0 this morning at -- 12:30 this morning. police say shots were fired between two cars. one of the victims drove himself to the hospital. both victims are expected to survive. >>> drug-sniffing dogs will be sniffing out prescription drugs and alcohol in dublin schools. the school board voted to bring them back last year after they stopped using them. >>> police are looking for two men suspected of robbing people leaving a light rail station. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live at the station with more. >> reporter: brian, we're here in front of the berryessa light rail station. police say it was three teenaged boys who were riding and they were followed into a neighborhood about a half a mile away and that's where they were robbed. police want to know if you are ecnice these men. one is black, the other is latin
. coming up next, in our 6:00 hour, frightening moments overnight during a home invasion in san francisco. we're there with details of what happened and new developments on what happened to the stolen items. >> plus, live from berkley, a landmark 5 star restaurant caught fire just hours ago. the very latest on the damage at chez panisse. that's just ahead. >> we're 30 minutes until the sunrise and i expect sunnier skies in the forecast for your friday. what you can expect in your area, coming up mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ >>> good morning. it happened just hours ago. the small fire that's making big news in berkley. >> we have chilling new details on a home invasion here in san franci
's cup yacht race coming to san francisco this summer are trying now to keep wind in the event's financial sails. to that end they have scaled down the size of the event dramatically. as mark matthews explains, the projected payday as well. >> reporter: the city supervisor says the america's cup organizers failed to pay prevailing wages for work done last summer. >> the highest possible for the types of programs and didn't live up to them when it came to that happening last year. >> reporter: workers are now owed $400,000 in back wages. >> prevailing wage rate for a carpenter who installed beachers is $64 an hour. >> reporter: the cities offense of labor standards enforcement says the carpenters were paid about a third of what they were do due. the cup organizers said they voluntary early agreed to the prevailing wage requirement and they have agreed to pay back wages. >> in the backdrop of that i really do question the tone here. the tone of innuendo that we are not trying to do the right thing. >> reporter: small business owners and labor leaders stood in line today to either
is the national day to demand action, a bay area group is planning to rally outside the san francisco office of senator feinstein this morning in support of her efforts to pass legislation against gun violence. more than 100 events are landed across the country. the obama administration says that it is not giving up on an assault weapons behalf although senate majority leader harry reid says there are not enough votes to support it. >> the concord city council is banning residents from growing marijuana if their yards, after discussing and debating the ban. it amends the city code to prohibit all outdoor marijuana growing even for medical purposes. the ordinance was models after the ban adopted in 50 other cities and counties around the state that outlaud or limit cultivation. >> dog sniffing dogs will visit schools starting in may. officials approved a program to test whether using dogs to detect drugs and other contraband can make campuses safer and keep kids in school. the santa cruz sentinel says drug sniffing dogs will be deployed at new school, and academic vocational charter institute
. that's at the top. our home page. reporting live in san francisco, sear -- kira klapper, abc7 news. >> there's a crash on the avenue that left three people dead. all cut out of a car struck brawled side by another vehicle. it happened short love by 8:00 last night. police are trying to piece together what led up to the crash. the second driver stayed at the scene but the police want to talk to any witnesses. >> any witnesses tell you about anything that transpired. >> thatafter right now. we are investigating the collision and it's very early in the vision so there will be a lot of work 20 do. >> the sole survivor in the car that was hit is being held for observation at the hospital. detectives have not had the chance to interview him yet. >>> bay area neighbors tired of being afraid of now taking crime fighting into their own hands. abc news reporter has more. >> they want to see more than families enjoying themselves here but instead they are seeing the opposite. >> we've seen the break-ins, we've seen vandalism at the park. that's why the hammond park neighborhood association ha
. that's been cleared. let's move to the drive here in san francisco along northbound 101. there is still a scene at b street, vermont, castro valley with an injury crash. let's go to rosemary. >> sunnier skies for friday. temperatures will warm up slightly over yesterday. our weather is drying out. that system that brought us the rain finally moving to the south. a live look at the current temperatures, a band of clouds stretching from san francisco sort of up the i-80 corridor at this time. napa still checking in right at 36 degrees for you. santa rosa 35, fairfield 35, just a few degrees above freezing. that's a chilly start. widespread 40s, we are cleared out but the central and southern portions of the bay area were under mostly cloudy skies, take a look at the time l aps e. it's just been the last hour or two since the system has pulled far enough south to help with the clearing. as i move farther out we have the system out off the coast. just the north eedge of the wrap around moisture into parts of the valley, san luis ob isp o. we are looking good for today. temperatures will be
. >> a young man from scott's valley is back with his family. matthew abraham was on a bus from san francisco to nevada when another passenger realized he likely had a medical condition. the man went to a library in utah where he learned the 20- year-old was missing and then he called authorities. family members say he suffered a head injury in a biking accident and wasn't sure of his identity. >> worked with this -- at that point this unidentified person to make sure that he didn't leave this library. this person that was traveling with him did a great service to us and everybody. >> family members now heading to utah to bring him home. >> here we are the last weekend of the winter season because next week officially marks the start of spring. >> you are right. it arrive on the 20th and i'm looking at spring showers in the forecast for the first day of spring between now and then we will be drying relatively mild out there. temperatures will stay above the seasonal norm as we get in to the weekend. outside right now we are still about ten minutes the official sunrise and you can see from
more at 6:30. >> san francisco's archbishop is making strong comments against gays and lesbians marrying. this is days before the supreme court considers california's ban on same-sex marriage. the archbishop says the debate will continue no matter how the court rules. he says that he relies many people in san francisco disagree with the teach >>guest: on marriage and sex but there is also a deeply embedded catholic culture here with many who understand and cherish the church teachings. >> and new information on christopher dorner, a battle for the $1.2 million reward offered for his capture. dorner took his own life in a southern california cabin after a shoot out with police. now, the associated press reports that a couple tied up by dropper and a man he car jabbed are both trying to blame the reward munch the people who want the money are being public because they know he cannot come after them. he killed four during the rampage in southern california including two police officers. >> ahead, the bay area cities leading the nation in rising home prices. >> new this morning, pre
paying folks. a pretty sky coming into san francisco. police are investigating an early morning home invasion in san francisco's portrero hill neighborhood and pistol whipped the victim and took the iphone and ipad and got away moments after the officers arrived. the suspects were tracked over to oakland but they got appear. >> two fallen santa cruz police officers are resting in peace after 10,000 people came together to honor them. officers, dignitary, friends and family filled san jose's h.p. pavilion yesterday to remember and celebrate the lives of detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler. the two were shot and killed by sexual assault suspect making them the first santa cruz police officers to be killed in the line of duty. >> two heroes. two friends. taken from us far too soon at the hands of a madman. this is the touching tribute outside the h.p. pal beyond, uniformed officers raising their hand in salute at the hearses carrying the bodies. >> the 24-year-old driver under arrest for the death of a high school student is scheduled to be in court and
rallies and vigils tomorrow by supporters of same sex marriage in san francisco at the court building. last night the advocates marched to the san francisco city hall. >> what do we want? >> equality. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> many of the participants say they have been waiting years for marriage equality and they're eager for a ruling from the supreme court. again that's not expected to happen until june. several bay area cities are showing their support for the lbgt community and same sex marriage by flying a rainbow flag at city halls this week. this is berkeley city hall. san francisco, oakland, heyward, san leandro and alameda are also flying the rainbow flags this week. >>> we have heard a lot from people who live in cities but what about the suburbs? new at noon sal castaneda joins us now live from walnut creek to let us know what people are saying there about the court says. >> reporter: tori some are watching the suburbs pretty closely as you might remember proposition 8 did better in the suburbs than it did in urban areas. in wa
that are venturing in right now, just of the start of things that will hit us next 36 hours. san francisco right now with overcast skies, 53 degrees and 49 in half moon bay. when you can expect the raindrops to fall coming up in a little bit. >> carolyn: tonight police are asking your help they believed a man tried to abduct a 12-year-old girl. he is described as six feet tall and thin build and goatee. he was last seen driving a four-door car. he offered the girl a ride walking home from school. >> two ohio football players are heading to juvenile hall after the conviction on rape charges. they made apology in court after their conviction. >> reporter: 16-year-old breaking down in court after a judge convicted him and 17-year-old trent mayes of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl after a night of drinking and partying last august. >> i would like to apologize to the family and community. >> both were sentenced to at least one year in juvenile jail. mayes will get an additional year for taking a nude picture of the victim. in court she described how she woke up hours after the alleged incident wi
. >> developing new is out of san francisco police say a seven hour standoff has ende we have a crew on the way to the scene will bring you an update as soon as it becomes available. >> also police say a seven hour standoff has ended after police arrested a robbery suspect who had barricaded himself inside marijuana growing side in san francisco. officers say for hostages for inside the building had been released earlier. the tactical team with a police dog arrested the man was around following the standoff at the building in the city's bayview district. police quickly set up three block perimeter and treated the situation as though they were hostages. a swat team and negotiators were called. >> 46 a 46 year-old man faces murder and other charges in connection with the slaying of three men during a botched marijuana deal last month . monthcappello of colorado was charged with being a shooter in a special circumstances murder case that could bring the death penalty if he is convicted. he is suspected of killing three men back in february fit inside a home near forestville . this is video of the
are live in hayward i'm tara moriarty. >>> time is 5:01. new this morning police in south san francisco searching for a serial arsonist. three fires were deliberately set. the fires were all quickly put out and caused very little damage. if you have any information, get in contact with san francisco police. >>> the coast guard has called off the search for a man that was playing in the search at half-moon bay. helicopters searched for 22- year-old carlos lopez for several hours. he had been playing soccer with friends. lopez just finished his work shift at a chinese restaurant in the hoof moon bay -- half- moon bay area. >> very, very good. he is hard working. >> ktvu news checked with the coast guard early this morning and at this point no plans are planned to resume the search. >>> the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on two same sex marriage cases including proposition 8 california's ban on gay marriage. in san francisco today same sex marriage supporters are holding a rally and march. that starts at 6:30 this evening. in washington, d.c. people have been camped out in front of
's ban on gay marriage. in san francisco today same sex marriage supporters are holding a rally and march. that starts at 6:30 this evening. in washington, d.c. people have been camped out in front of the supreme court building since thursday. they are lined up in hopes of getting one of the 250 seats set aside for the public. tomorrow the justices will hear arguments on proposition 8 and on wednesday the federal defensive marriage act. across the country emotions are strong on both sides of the issue. >>> >> the fundamental issue is whether loving and committed same sex couples who serve their country whether they should be able to take part in the fundamentally american freedom to marry. >> marriage exists to connect men and women together as husband and wife to be fathered to any kids they produce. marriage is the institution that provides the mother and father to if a child. >> the supreme court will not issue a ruling on the case until june. brian flores will be live in our newsroom to break down what the court proceedings could mean fo
in a fireplace causing more extensive damage. >> happening now san francisco medical examiner is trying to determine how a man died before his body washed up on marshal beach in the presidio just hours ago. crews recovered the body. someone reportedly spotted a body a little bit earlier. >> the alleged drunk driver accused of running over and killing a san francisco teenager last saturday was back in court today. the 28-year-old pleaded not guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter and dui. police say he had a blood alcohol level of fth.09. the accident happened on her 17th birthday. >> the san jose man accused of trying to detonate a car bomb in an oakland bank pleaded not guilty this morning. the 24-year-old was arrested bit fbi after an investigation. federal agents say that he was trying to bomb this bank of america branch off haggenburger road. investigators say an under cover fbi agent told the suspect he has tied to the taliban helped design something that looked like an explosive, but it was harmless. >> a pleasant hill man is under arrest accused of trying to smuggle five ounces
skies are expected. we're waking up to 49 degrees in san francisco. already 50 degrees and redwood city, 45 in concord and low '40's and sunnyvale. afternoon highs a mix of '60s and '70s. the more '70's in the north as well this afternoon. with the upper 60s in downtown san francisco today. rain on the way, of the u.n. to get the umbrellas out later to the apparent>> developing story out of oakland this morning. police have set up a perimeter to try and make contact with a dangerous suspect. this is happening in the 14-hundred block of 25th avenue in oakland's fruitvale district. we'll bring you the latest on this story as details >> there's been another bad crash at a racetrack. this time in marysville. that's about 40 miles north of sacramento. and this one was fatal. authorities say two people were killed when a speeding race car ran off the track and into the pit area. the victims are identified as a 68-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy. they were part of the pit crew. and officials say they had a right to be in the area, but no more details were revealed about their >> you'll reca
. >>> this afternoon, a san francisco judge will decide whether to release a man who tried to one over police with a cab. he is suspected of stealing a taxi in the pacific heights neighborhood. he drove at them clipping a patrol car. one shot at him but did not hit him. they want the 175,000 bail reduced or dropped entirely so he can reenter a center >>> blasting back to oakland. the rocket ship has been a popular site. the ship was designed by an organization of artists funded by private doners the next display has not been determined. >> we all like sal >> just about to go to the other room. i will be back. >> i will be back. >> good morning. let's look at the commute now traffic looking good around the bay area. this is a look at the freeway and it's looking good all the way to berkeley it's a good time to be driving and the roads are relatively dry. it's dry and clear. the morning commute, westbound bay bridge, that traffic looked good with no problems, san jose looks good up to highway 17. maybe have to wait until next week before any rain comes back in. there's a possibility. you have t
francisco and san mateo county supervisors before any gun show could go on. >> that's right and this morning, i sat down with him and asked him point-blank if this is aimed at a ban or not. >> we're not trying to ban anything. we're saying as governor brown repeated throughout his administration, keep the decision-making closer to those who will be impacted by the decision made. >> and locate be honest here. >> yeah. >> you're out to ban the shows at the cow palace. you're saying rather than the the state doing it, we want to give the locals to the -- the power. my question is why? >> the bill will require the boards of supervisors of each county, even though the land is owned by the state, approve a resolutions saying we support a gun show. i can't this will you -- tell you who is going to be a record 40, 50 years from now and if there was a change of heart. >> cut to the chase. >> sure. >> and i want to know why is that -- and all appear to be law-abiding, following the gun control laws in the state of california. why do you want them back? or is this a political statement in. >> i asked t
bridge numbers closer to oakland and san francisco, a little warmer. upper 40s. 45 san carlos, as well as half moon bay and santa cruz. so the cooling this morning from our valleys, around livermore and also the delta and up in the north bay. but look at the peninsula from mountain view too san carle lease and san jose, anywhere from two to four degrees of cooling. so high pressure. it continues to build into the golden state and as it does, everyone is going to see an increase in temperatures today from north to south. this will bring us above normal. ball with each and every day, we are going to gain maybe a degree or two. maybe three. the overnight lows will be chilly. we are talking still numbers in the 30s. all the way up to 51 degrees in the northern sierra. so starting out in the teens. low 670s in yosemite. we will get to near 60 in the sierra by the middle of the week. 60 at you're coast. look at the 70s from chico, sacramento, fresno. 75 in los angeles. back home temperatures around 70. for morgan hill and gill roy today. 69 in santa clara on the peninsula. numbers cooler at
with us. >>> we're live in san francisco's west portal neighborhood where one woman is fighting for her life after being struck in a crosswalk. police say it was foggy but one neighbor says that was no excuse. >> a bay area baseball coach is facing serious charges and why this investigation is far from over. >> yet another threat at a bay area school. this time on the peninsula. how the police are responding. >> reporter: and we're live in coopertino where dozens of people camped out to get something for free 365 days out of the year. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2 i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it is thursday march 21st . an elderly woman is in the hospital after she and her husband were run over by a truck. tara is live where the crash happened. >> reporter: good morning. that woman is in critical condition fighting for her life. getting an idea how busy this intersection can be. this is where it happened in one of these four crosswalks right here. it's very bus
of the victims has to the bay area. >>> two people arrested in san francisco. the crime they are accused of committing. >>> gearing up for the oakland running festival. they are getting set to start in just a half hour. >>> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2 i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm mike mibach. let's dive into it and get a check of the forecast. good morning, to you rosemary. >> good morning. it's a gorgeous day for a run. it's a bit of a chilly start. another round of nice mild weather into the afternoon. this could be the warmest day. i see cooler weather on the way. i'll detail your forecast and have a look at your numbers for today copping up -- coming up >>> sis pecked gunman in a -- suspected gunman in a marine bar rack shooting is from the bay area. she graduated from liberty high in brentwood. her friends say she dreamt of joining the marines and serving her country. >> we were talking about her wanting to come over and i wanted to see her. i wanted her to see my baby. the last time she saw him was when he turned one. i just missed her a lot. and we talk through facebo
hit by muni light rail train in san francisco has life threatening injuries tonight. this accident happened just after 3 this afternoon near 19 avenue and the boulevard here. muni spokeswoman said the woman in her 20's was in the right-of-way of that light rail train. nobody else was injure injured. >> sheriff's deputy and cadaver dog searched a creek for more clue after the discovery of a human skull. teenager playing in the creek yesterday found the bones. officials say the skullnot native american because it has fillings in the teeth. if more pwrons found officials may consider a full excavation of that creek. >> let's get a check of the forecast now. spencer. >> is here with the latest on live doppler 7 hd. >> okay. here's our first look at weather for tonight. live doppler 7 ht and lack at sky mainly clear overland areas that notice the fog along the coast and dense patch along the peninsula coast license. current temperature readings under mostly clear sky live view along embarcadero 51 in san francisco and oakland. 53 in san jose. another live view from the high def
now awaiting extradition to nevada. >> woman hit by muni light rail train in san francisco has life threatening injuries tonight. this accident happened just after 3 this afternoon near 19 avenue and the boulevard here. muni spokeswoman said the woman in her 20's was in the right-of-way of that light rail train. nobody else was injure injured. >> sheriff's deputy and cadaver dog searched a creek for more clue after the discovery of a human skull. teenager playing in the creek yesterday found the bones. officials say the skull is not native american because it has fillings in the teeth. if more pwrons found officials may consider a full excavation of that creek. >> let's get a check of the forecast now. spencer. >> is here with the latest on live doppler 7 hd. >> okay. here's our first look at weather for tonight. live doppler 7 ht and lack at sky mainly clear overland areas that notice the fog along the coast and dense patch along the peninsula coast license. current temperature readings under mostly clear sky live view along embarcadero 51 in san francisco and oakland. 53 i
heading into san francisco. elsewhere 880 if you are traveling in the east bay, there may be some overnight roadwork in lanes towards downtown oakland and once again crossing the golden gate bridge, nice and quiet in terms of dry weather, different story today than we saw yesterday but overall looks like the drive time is sluggish because of that overnight roadwork on the approach to the bridge in both directions northbound 101, two lanes blocked for another 25 minutes or so. coming up, we'll check mass transit. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> questions remain this morning after an animal park volunteer was mauled to death by a lion. it happened yesterday at cat haven, an animal sanctuary in the sierra foothills just east of fresno. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live in the newsroom with more on what happened. cate. >> reporter: michelle, we actually still -- we know very little about what happened before the fatal attack, like provoked the attack and why the intern was in the enclosure unsupervised. we know the victim
. temperature readings in san francisco. 54 in oakland san jose check in at 52 degrees. another view of the bay bridge from high definition south beach camera here at san francisco and more temperature readings. 49 degrees at santa rosa. 51 at napa fairfield. 56 at gilroy. to our forecast feature it's going to be mainly clear overnight but with some patches of fog mainly along the coast line. not much pushing inland. spot or 2 out over the bay. mid 70's tomorrow will be the high in our inland locatio location. it's going to be really mild to warm and mostly cloudy on saturday as our weather pattern begins to change. this is important. beach hazard advisory in effect from tomorrow morning through saturday evening. we have some rough surf for awhile. possibility of dangerous snea sneaker wave should stay away from the water edge and avoid going out on to the rock out coption and the jetty because the surf could be hazardous. looking at the satellite animation you can see the big ridge of high pressure still holding on but for only one more day so we have dry mild conditions tomorrow but
a san francisco man. he was shot to death around 3:00 this morning near ninth and clay street. 37-year-old man was in his car when he got disputed in another vehicle. they shot him and crashed his car and died. this marked oakland's 17th homicide as of this year. >> family and friends of missing woman are taking to the streets to find her. she was captured on a surveillance camera thursday morning at the corner of 34th and telegraph avenue where she was last scene. her mother expressed frustration because there are leads that haven't been followed up on yet. >> she had her card and her cellphone. we haven't yet the police to cooperate getting access to that so they can track at least what was the last known place she was at. >> we tried to reach the oakland police department for a xheontd on the case but the comment has yet to respond. >> a man hired to help the oakland police department implemented court ordered reforms will reported for duty tomorrow. thomas frazier is the new compliance director. he will help police how they investigate themselves and document their work. he is a fo
. >>> san francisco police arrested 11 people today for vandalism. a tip from a neighbor led police to the arrests at 3:00 this morning near seventh street. police arrested ten adults and a juvenile who was cited and released to his parents. the group had backpacks filled with 52 cans of spray paint, large markers and pens. police say the suspects will be charged with felony value dalism and felony conspire sis. >>> obama care supporters gathered in san francisco today to celebrate the third anniversary of the historic bill signed by the president. the get together celebrating the affordable care ability took place at a farmer's market. organizing for action volunteers were on hand to explain what's on the bill and the timeline for when different pieces take effect. >> well, we're also excited to make sure people know that one of the most important elements of that act is going into effect starting later this year, and that is the insurance exchange, where people who are not currently insured, unemployed, self-employed or the not have employer coverage will be able to go into a mark
being targeted and what the group will be doing today in san francisco. >>> free wi-fi could be offered city-wide in santa clara. city leaders are expected to make an announcement about the free service. it will be provided by silicon valley power. it replaces an older system that only patrol sided free wi- fi in parts of the city. >>> time now 4:37. middle part of the week. hopefully traffic won't be so bad. sal has the answers right now. how are you doing? >> doing well brian and pam. good morning, to you. of course today we are going to be watching the golden gate bridge we talked about how there are no more toll takers. what you need to know you should not stop. if you're watching the program, you are probably aware. we've been talking about it for a long time. but you might see someone who is going to be confused. let's go to the golden gate bridge right now and traffic is pretty light. your job is to be extra alert as you drive through. pay attention to the people around you. someone will try to stop. that's what they don't want you
>>> we're live in san francisco where two dozen people are evacuated from some apartments in the bayview because of a fire. why neighbors say it can be traced to an ongoing dispute with a landlord and garbage chute. >>> day two of the same-sex marriage hearings are getting underway right now. right now, the critical case the supreme court will review this morning. >>> a problem on the bay bridge. find out if that will affect the scheduled opening on labor day. >> reporter: and we're live on the bridge where there are no more humane toll takers. we'll tell you what you can expect as you drive across it. >>> well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, march 27th. >>> we're following developing news in san francisco that we first told you about at 4:30. firefighters are still cleaning up after an early-morning fire on third and mckinnon in the bayview district. tara moriarty is there. and tara, some residents say this fire was intentionally set? >> reporter: that's what they believe. they say the landlord had an ongoing dispute with one of the te
with the first three digits of the nonending number. the numeric form is 3.14, and the san francisco exploratorium will serve pie in honor. >> hot apple pie. >> i like all pie. >>> good morning. we'll have a look at the san jose crash, what it's doing to traffic. it's not good. also looking at the toll plaza, a big delay there. let's go to mark. >> good morning. the fog making a comeback, coastside right around the bay, not as widespread as yesterday but still a factor. a big batch of high clouds moving in and temperatures cool off into the weekend. we'll keep an eye on the fog and have an update in the 7:00 hour. >>> coming up, a jolt that may surprise you. >>> growing number of threats at local schools, one mentioned today's date. we'll be right back. >>> we're live at foothill high school in pleasanton where a threatening note is found on campus. we'll tell you what it said and how either schools are reacting to the problem. >>> an overnight jolt in the area. where a 4.6 earthquake hit just hours ago. >> reporter: we're live at st. mary's college in morago with what vatican schola
as it was yesterday and this morning's commute on san francisco freeways, northbound 101 looks good. you can see some of the fog kind of wisping through but the traffic is moving along pretty nicely. >>> also go to mark tamayo. >> good morning to you. the fog doing its thing. as you mentioned, not as dense as yesterday but still we're tracking it over the next few hours. we've been watching the fog develop. this happens when you get the onshore breeze, it targets the areas out to richmond, albany, berkeley, emeryville. that could impact your ride on interstate 80. we also have dense fog advisories out near the coastline, basically from the san mateo county coast down to the south down towards santa cruz and watsonville. this in place until 9:00 this morning. visibility is down to about one- quarter of a mile. the fog has increased in coverage over the past few hours. as far as current temperatures, still pretty chilly in the 40s out towards santa rosa and napa. downtown san francisco, 48 and san jose reporting partly cloudy skies, 52 degrees. throughout the
away a free trip to san francisco and a chance to meet president obama. he will arrive next week. to win the trip entries had to be in last week. no word when the winner will be announced. >>> a new report this morning shows former george bush had the most expense esof former presidents in 2012. the government spent nearly $7.3 million on all former presidents last year and 1.3 million of that was spent on former president bush. the money conkers pension compensation and events where the presidents make appearances. it does not come from secret security. that comes from a separate budget. >>> david petraeus, making his first public speech since resigning in november over an extramarital affair. he will speak tonight at the university of southern california. he will be at an event hopperring the military. "the new york times" has a copy of his prepared speech and indicates he will will apologize for having that affair with his former biographer. >>> this morning, the nra is defending its decision to make robo calls to families in newtown, connecticut. >> your state senator will pl
samples and beer. >>> 7:24. you may have to wait a little longer for san francisco muni buses on some lines this week. that's because muni is cutting back on some of its routes because this is spring break. so not many students are riding the buses at the usual time. in the 19th -- the 19th avenue line will not run at all because that one is used almost exclusively for school trips. regular service resumes next monday, when the kids are back in school. >> that's right. >>> let's get everybody moving. sal, you have special reasons to keep an eye on the golden gate bridge? >> that's right. we're trying to remind people tomorrow is the first day they won't have toll takers. but the toll plaza will still be there. that may confuse people. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. don't stop, starting tomorrow. don't stop. keep driving on through. they will find you. they will send you a bill. as long as you can read -- trust me. they will send you a bill. they don't want you to stop. they want the message out that that beautifully toll plaza ornate
, there are no toll collectors out there. ktvu's brian flores is there in san francisco to show us how drivers are adjusting to the -- there you are -- the all- electric toll system. how is it? any problems so far? >> reporter: so far so good. this marks a new era for the golden gate bridge. cars moving through at about 25 miles per hour. but technology has definitely taken over the iconic structure as tolls will no longer be collected physically here at the bridge. around midnight, the last human toll taker left her booth from a small group of people. for the first time, tolls across the bridge will be taken through prepaying, transponders or scanners that will gather your license plate and you will get a bill later in the mail. the golden gate bring authority says the move stream lines costs and traffic at the time, thus eliminating the need for a human toll taker. before they left, they were given gifts and thank yous as well. we talked to a few of them who say this is emotional. in terms of today, there's issues that the chp is noticing on this first day
to the public. >>> a woman was hit by a train. the accident happened this afternoon near san francisco state. the victim was rushed to san francisco general. munni said the driver of the m ocean view train has been placed on nondriving status per policy. >>> the president is set to meet with congressional leaders in the senate. the gop wanted the same $8 million in cuts but would have let the president choose where to make them. democrats wanted 55 million in cuts and 55 billion in new tax revenue. after repeated dire warnings about the sequester, the president today defended himself against critics who say he's exaggerating. >> you've heard from a number of experts and economists that this is not a cliff but it is a tumble downward. >> reporter: the president explained that it could take weeks for people to feel the impact of sequestration. if congress comes up with a new budget by march 27 it could eliminate some of those cuts. >>> the obama white house made his tpreu as -- history as it joined the legal battle of same- sex marriage. the brief contends the voter approved ban on same-sex m
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